Bacoban® the active ingredient in Steri-Wipes®

Ayesha Wood February 23, 2021 0 comments

The active disinfectant ingredient in our Steri-Wipes® is the patented surface disinfectant Bacoban®.

We are often asked about the “structure” of Bacoban®. Both professional and domestic customers are intrigued as to how and why it is so effective.

Originally, Bacoban® was designed for use in all areas of a hospital, including the operating theatre. The primary target was to create a disinfectant which could kill pathogens on application and yet continue to reside on the target surface for prolonged periods.

Originally, Bacoban® was designed for use in all areas of a hospital, including the operating theatre

In order to arrive at this position, the design brief required the creation of a sanitiser which is applied as a disinfectant and yet becomes an active coating.

Whilst the coating is in place it must be able to kill pathogens rapidly. 

The existing technologies, mostly based on the Aegis Molecule, were relatively effective but it would take 7-8 hours to kill pathogens to an acceptable level e.g., log 2 (99%). In addition, this technology had to be applied by specialised teams.

The technology had to be easy to use, as part of a standard sanitation processes within a hospital. It also had to be low cost and non-toxic.

Bacoban® was created to address all these key factors.

Bacoban® uses well known anti pathogen agents in a very sophisticated manner.

The key active agents are Benzalkonium chloride and Sodium Pyrithione.

Benzalkonium chloride is used in many domestic sanitisers and it is also used within mouth washes and skin sanitation wipes.

Sodium Pyrithione is used in Shampoos.

If these agents were to be mixed with water and sprayed onto a surface, they would kill pathogens very effectively but as they are not bonded to the target surface they would be removed very quickly. One hand rub on a doorknob would remove the agents and the surface would have to be re-sanitised.

The secret to Bacoban® is that these agents are held within an eluting *SiO2 liquid glass layer.  This layer is designed to allow the active agents to be permanently available in order to kill the pathogens very rapidly. e.g. pathogens such as SARS/ Covid, which alight on the Bacoban® surface are killed to a log reading of 99.25% in 5 minutes. This is exceptional performance. ASTM 2180.

How does Bacoban® work?

*SiO2/ Silicon dioxide, is used as a food additive and as a flow agent in toothpaste. Having noted this, the SiO2 structure used within Bacoban® is a nano scale matrix. The technology is patented.

Having noted that Bacoban® acts as both a disinfectant when it is applied and then as an active layer, when it dries (1-5 minutes), one has to explore the durability of the coating.

The coating is certified as being effective for 10 days.  This certification is in line with international testing norms, however, independent trials in hospitals confirm that the coating is highly active for much longer than 10 days. Having noted this fact, all surfaces are subjected to abrasion and it is recommended that high touch points such as stainless-steel support / grab bars in underground trains are coated daily as they may experience over 50,000 abrasive actions per day. It is also important to maintain high sanitation standards and so in many environments regular maintenance of high traffic areas is recommended.

Coating is certified as being effective for 10 days

This aspect of durability significantly reduces the amount of “chemicals” needed within every environment. The reduction can be 10-fold or 50-fold, depending on which sanitation regime is being replaced.

In all instances the staff and visitors within a facility benefit from the unquestionable benefits of working in or visiting a facility which is protected with a fast-acting anti pathogen coating which kills Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi within minutes. This rapid kill is one of the great strengths of Bacoban® as it massively reduces the opportunity for cross infection. This is one of the main reasons why Bacoban® has been adopted by the Civil Aviation Sector. (Boeing test certification is available). 

Aircraft cleaning and disinfection video

In addition to the rapid kill rate, the aviation sector seeks sanitation processes which are quick and easy to apply and which in most instances can be applied by air crew or janitorial staff. 

The same requirements of course apply to all sectors. Bacoban® can be applied via all standard processes, including scrubber dryers for flooring.

It is also important to note that Bacoban® is an effective cleaning agent and the Bacoban® layer is an easy to clean layer.  (Trials conducted by Fresenius confirm that Bacoban® coated surfaces are 50% easier to clean).

This exceptional meld of agents within one structure has allowed for the creation of a very safe and durable sanitising technology, a technology which is not only certified for use in hospitals but also for use in the Civil Aviation Sector, domestic and industrial cleaning and many others.

All claims are supported by test data.

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