Cambridge University testing of our coated face masks

Ayesha Wood January 6, 2021 0 comments

The LiquidNano™ face mask has been making the news over Christmas. Press are beginning to pick up on the antiviral properties of our coated face masks as tested by Cambridge University: 

Our reusable facecoverings are available either individually or wholesale and can be branded to your specifications. Please contact us if you would like to discuss your needs.

One LiquidNano™ face mask will continue to kill Coronavirus for 20 washes, keeping as many as 420 disposable masks out of our environment while offering considerable cost savings to individuals and organisations.

The masks have been designed to be comfortable and breathable so are ideal for long term wearing – retail staff, hospitality staff, cabin crew, front desk, office workers, key workers would all find them useful.

The masks do not use ties around the ears so rest easily around the neck when not needed. They are less likely to be lost or left on unclean surfaces.

We are all going to have to wear masks for some time to come, make sure you have the best, sustainable protection available.

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PhD student Suraj Mital preparing test samples of a virus ‘splashed’ onto a material. © University of Cambridge Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology/ Robin Ansell