How to protect your windscreen?

Rebbeca Walker May 19, 2020 0 comments

Did you know that your windscreen provides 34%* of the structural integrity of your whole car? The windscreen is also important for the effectiveness of airbags which play an essential role in the event of a crash.

In order to understand how we can protect our windscreens performance and longevity we first need to understand why imperfections occur and the outside elements which play a part in challenging the performance of our windscreens. 

The main reason for reduced driving visibility is road debris, the little stones that without any notice or warning fire at our screens at random. Although most of the time tinier than the tip of your little finger, these little bullets will chip and scratch your screens. The impact from road debris can create imperfections that will ultimately affect the entire strength of your windscreen and in some case your sight to the road ahead. 

We have all at some point put on the kettle first thing in the morning, not for a cup of tea but in preparation to use on our automotive friends to rid them of the ice that the cold mornings can bring. This not only takes us time and will, without doubt, hinder a happy start to the day, but also this extreme change in temperature can cause cracks to appear as the screen itself as it contracts and expands. You may not be able to see some of the cracks but this will most certainly reduce the effectiveness of your windscreen. 

Weather will also play a massive part in your travelling experience. Rain and hailstones can prove difficult when driving even with the aid of the windscreen wipers.

Night-time can sometimes prove to be a quicker time to travel, missing out on the traffic jams that daytime social hours can bring and darkness can also come in the early hours as make our way to work. Travelling at unsociable hours may result in being caught in the headlights of on-coming traffic, which can inadvertently affect your navigational skills, even if it’s just for a brief second. 

Dirt also has a part to play in our day to day travel. It’s not a difficult task to clean our cars, it’s just, in general, we don’t have the time or in all honesty the want!  

LIQUIDNANO™ has the answer to your automotive needs. The Ultimate Windshield Protection will make your windshield impact, scratch, water and frost resistant. Using a super durable eco-friendly silica dioxide (Si02) based protective smart coating. Designed, engineered and formulated in Germany, LIQUIDNANO™ utilizes the most advanced Nano-technology available today to deliver optimal windshield protection and performance which can last up to 1 year. 

With an application that’s easy to use and a product for any screen size, your windscreen will become more resilient and your general driving experience will improve. 

The smart coating used increases the hardness in the strength of the screen itself taking it to 9H hardness, which provides extra protection against chips and scratches. After application, the windscreens also becoming water repellent improving wet weather visibility and also inhibiting ocean spray and salt burn.

Night-time visibility is improved reducing the glare from oncoming headlights. 

Cleaning your car also becomes less of a daunting thought as removal of mud, frost, snow and ice removal is much easier and the coating repels dirt road grime and anti-fouling so the need to clean should be reduced. 

So for peace of mind driving and windscreen protection that last 1 year go to for this product.