Is your phone clean?

Rebbeca Walker May 18, 2020 0 comments

Why keeping your phone clean is as important as washing your hands!

As a global nation, we are always on or near our phones, especially now. We are constantly checking out social media, looking at the date or time, keeping on point with news updates and on actual or virtual calls with loved ones. Society is constantly attached to their phones, I-pads and other mobile devices or at least sat right next to them.




If you think about how often you pick up your phone, you may concede it is around one hundred times a day at most, according to studies however this is not even close, astonishingly the average person picks up their mobile device around 2500 times a day.

A concerning study* in America found that most mobile phones had over 25,000 bacteria per square inch on their screens (about the size of a 50 pence piece) and more shocking still research** also shows your mobile phone screen is at least 7 times dirtier than your toilet seat. To think we commonly share our phones with strangers, family, friends and even children.


This can grow on your smartphone in just three days! Find out more here

The World Health Organisation, Government’s and health experts all agree keeping clean is the best way to avoid contracting Coronavirus. Regular washing of hands is critical but even clean hands will transfer any virus if they encounter an infected surface, as we can see mobile devices can be a hub of bacteria and germs.

Experts suggest we should wash our hands around every 20 times a day, if adapt this principle to our phones it would require approximately 72 wipes or treatments a day, that’s 504 per week and a mammoth 2016 per month.

That is unless of course, you are using MOBILE Steri-Wipe® in which case you would need just 4 wipes.

Steri-Wipe® 4 Pack at just £4.99 provide guaranteed protection for a month for just over £1 a week.

Steri-Wipe® 12 Pack at 11.99 would mean 3 months of protection from recontamination for less than £1 a week.



Why do you only need 1 wipe a week with Mobile Steri-Wipe®?

Conventional disinfectants are effective immediately but this only lasts for a short period after application, germs are killed during the application process but after that, when the disinfectant has evaporated, the treated area becomes unprotected again so open to recontamination.

This period between disinfection and re-disinfection is known as the HYGIENE GAP and this is where Steri-Wipe® work uniquely plugging in this hygiene gap by continuing to protect the device killing any bacteria and viruses that may attempt to recontamination. This unique layer is a long-lasting shield, not only killing bacteria’s and viruses but also continuing to provide an active defence that is guaranteed to be effective against over 181+ bacteria and viruses including Ebola, Influenza, HIV, Coronavirus and most relevant and important right now COVID19.

It is hard to imagine the process as it is invisible to the naked eye. A relatable comparison is to that of a shellac treatment for nails resilient and impregnatable, but this high-tech coating kills germs on application and goes on to protect the whole of your device from recontamination for up to 10 more days more.

Using Mobile Steri-Wipe® provides you with peace of mind allowing you to spend time thinking about the things that really matter.