LIQUIDNANO™ New Website, New Products. The Story So Far

desinian-ln April 6, 2020 0 comments

In 2015 an English man, Irish man and American had a conversation, which sounds like the beginning of a joke, but this meeting of 3 friends was anything but. What was a dilemma for one “The Englishman” (Nick) who was determined to protect the screen without changing the look of his on his brand new iPhone, also turned out to be a concern for “The Irishman” (Shane) and as it happened “The American” (Anthony) had the solution and in 2016 LIQUIDNANO™ was born.


SquareTrade (the big insurance company) 48% of iPhone users surveyed did not want to add any form of secondary protection to their beautiful iPhones, because,

“they like them just the way they are”.


Just how does LiquidNano protect your precious mobile device, without changing the way it looks?

The answer is based around Silica Dioxide (Si02) which has been around for years, it’s super resourceful, eco-friendly and non-toxic, you will find it in many of your day to day products like toothpaste for example or on a night out you would actually drink it in your beer! Silica Dioxide comes in many forms and one of those forms is something called Liquid Glass. Si02 is essentially microscopic particles of glass and Liquid Glass are those particles which are suspended in a liquid solution.

Using Si02 LIQUIDNANO™ developed its own, unique form of Liquid Glass screen protector that works at the Nano scale (What is Nano-Technology?). The LiquidNano coating is specifically designed to bond to any mobile device screen, with over 5 billion people worldwide using a mobile phone (67.8% of the world’s population) there are a lot that need protecting.


After the success of the Mobile Device Screen protector the LIQUIDNANO™ team turned their attention to the woe’s of the Windshield using their liquid glass solution in the same way it works with the mobile device, they increased the strength of the glass helping to prevent scratches and chips in the screen, increasing driving visibility at night and in the rain and many other positive points.


Which brings us to the here and now April 2020, along with their new site, LiquidNano are also introducing their new product, MOBILE  STERI-WIPE a mobile device sanitizer which works with just one easy wipe to prevent recontamination, keeping the whole of your mobile device pathogen free for up to 10 days. It is effective against 181 deadly bacteria and viruses including Coronavirus, HIV, Ebola, Influenza and most importantly in this current climate Covid-19.


“Your smartphone is 7 times dirtier than your toilet…

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread throughout the world, claiming more than 3,100 deaths, keeping your hands and smartphone clean are critical…”

-source USA Today 3rd March 2020


The  LIQUIDNANO™ team will and are continually looking to provide support with long lasting, durable, eco-friendly and protective products for everyone and their loved ones and will endeavour to keep doing so. There is more to come from the three friends and their team!


Thank you for your support and please stay safe.