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LiquidNano™ Di0X D4 Face Masks

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Reusable and Washable Face Mask – FREE POSTAGE

Developed by an award-winning sportswear designer, LiquidNano™ masks are both stylish and comfortable to wear, and the fabric they are made with has been coated with DiOX D4.

DiOX D4 is a powerful invisible coating that begins to instantly kill 98% of pathogens (bacteria and viruses, including coronavirus) as they land on your mask, eliminating them within the hour therefore significantly reducing the risk of contact infection.

DiOX D4 continues to work for up to 20 washes, meaning it is not only cost effective it is eco-friendly too.

  • LiquidNano™ Facemasks have been designed to be:
    • Comfortable – Unique toggle behind the head eliminates chafing behind the ears
    • Adjustable – One size fits all – Perfect for all the family
    • Reusable – Eco-friendly
    • Cost saving against single use masks
    • 2 layers
    • Made in Europe
    • 20/80 quick-dry cotton polyester
  • DiOX D4 efficacy, protecting against pathogens (bacteria and viruses) including coronavirus.
    • Based on the test ISO18184/19 using SARS-COVID, conducted by Cambridge University’s Bio-Sciences department, a DiOX® D4 will eradicate over 98% of coronavirus on contact within 1 hour (rising to 99.9% after 4 hours)
    • Reduces risk of contact transmission
    • Washable – 20 washes at 40 degrees
    • Absorbs moisture inside the mask

PLEASE NOTE: Notification and registration of DiOX D4 as a Biocidal Agent is currently in progress.

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