Mobile Steri-Wipes | Mobile Phone Disinfectant Wipes | 4 pack
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LIQUIDNANO™ MOBILE Steri-Wipe® – 4 pack

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MOBILE Steri-Wipe® 4 Pack – 6 Months Subscription – a monthly delivery straight to your door.
Conventional disinfectants are effective for a short period only, FIGHT THE HYGIENE GAP with LIQUIDNANO™
Steri-Wipe® simple, scientific long term protections. PREVENTING RECONTAMINATION FOR UP TO 10 DAYS.

  • Tested and proven as EFFECTIVE AGAINST 181+ Bacteria including HIV, Ebola, Influenza & Coronavirus
  • Prevents recontamination to keep device germ free for UP TO 10 DAYS (ASTM E2180)
  • The ONLY way to plug the hygiene gap and protect against immediate recontamination
  • Just ONE WIPE cleans and protects your whole device
  • Trusted by hospitals
  • Creates oleophobic effect which improves with every application
  • Kills pathogens (Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi)
  • 4 pack – protecting 1 device for 1 month
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