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Ultimate Screen Protector – £200* Product Performance Guarantee

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The LiquidNano™ Ultimate Device Screen Protector has been specifically designed to protect Mobile Device Glass.

​This best in class coating is built from a super durable, eco-friendly, silica dioxide (Si02) based protective smart coating that replaces the need for a traditional tempered glass device screen protector.



Easy to apply, just wipe on


Invisible protection


Compatible with all mobile device screens, including phones, tablets and smart watches


No bubbles, no film, no extra glass layer and no dirt


Increases screen strength by 30%


Increases scratch resistance by 95%



Increases shatter resistance by 33%


Your device is perfect, keep it that way


Free shipping


German engineered, eco-friendly non-toxic formula, blocks 80% Y wave radiation, completely invisible once applied
 Includes £200 product performance guarantee (meaning in the unlikely event your screen should break we will refund the cost of a repair up to £200)


A Product Performance Guarantee is a form of device protection that is included as an additional benefit with our amazing liquid glass screen protector.

We are so sure that LiquidNano™ will protect your screen for a year that if your mobile device is accidently damaged once LiquidNano™ is applied we will reimburse you the repair costs up to £200.
Registration is simple, just download the APP from our partners at Asfalis and follow the on screen instructions. Should the worst happen making a claim is also really easy.

How does Liquidnano™ work?

When viewed under an electron microscope a glass mobile device screen is not a smooth surface.  It is full of valleys and ridges which can become points of weakness.  By coating the device screen with a layer of LiquidNano™ these ridges are filled in and the glass becomes much stronger and smoother.





Package Contains:

  • 1 x Cleaning sachet
  • 1 x Nano coating sachet
  • 1 x Microfiber cloth
  • 1 x Instruction / warranty card


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