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Ultimate Windshield Protection

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LiquidNano™ Ultimate Windshield Protection is an invisible liquid glass coating, specifically formulated for automotive windshield glass applications.

Designed with drivers in mind, one simple application will repel rain, increase the windshields resistance against impact, chips, minor cracks and surface scratches, rain, ice and frost.


Easy, quick wipe-on application, that’s bubble free


Universal – can be applied to any windshield

Increased resistance against impact, chips, minor cracks and surface scratches


Increased water/oil resistance, the windshield repels rain, dirt, smearing and road grime


German engineered, increases windshield strength by 30%


95% increased resistance against windshield scratches


Eco-friendly non-toxic formula, blocks 80% Y wave radiation



Resistant against frost, ice and snow



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How does LiquidNano™ work?

When viewed under an electron microscope glass is not a smooth surface.  It is full of valleys and ridges which can become points of weakness.  By coating the windshield with a layer of LiquidNano™ these ridges are filled in and the glass becomes much stronger and smoother.



LiquidNano™ liquid glass particles fill screen surface imperfections causing a smooth surface to bead and repel water, reflect UV and strengthen the windshield by 30%.

Package Contains:

    • 2 x Cleaner Sachets (Driver Side and Passenger Side)
    • 2 x Nano coating Sachets (Driver Side and Passenger Side)
    • 1 x Application Instructions
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DISCLAIMER: LiquidNano™ WINDSHIELD PROTECTOR should only be applied to the glass surfaces on your vehicle. LiquidNano™ was created to protect automotive glass under normal use and weather condition and as such we do not warrant product performance under negligent or extreme off-road conditions.