Super fast, easy-clean that provides peace of mind for busy Mums

Rebbeca Walker July 21, 2020 0 comments
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s never been more important to clean commonly touched surfaces.
  • One type of surface that we touch frequently is our phone touch screen.
  •  LiquidNano™ Steri-Wipe® fights the hygiene gap, preventing re-contamination of pathogens for up to 10 days.

To read more about Mum’s keeping devices clean, read here  – it could be considered good practice to adopt this advice ongoing, not just when there is a pathogen pandemic

Most of us have all heard the statistic that your smartphone, tablet and computer keyboard can attract over 10 times the amount of germs as a public toilet, including harmful pathogens (bacteria, viruses and fungi).

Our smartphone’s spend a majority of time close to our ears and face, so it is vitally important that we are keeping bacteria and other harmful pathogens on the device down to a minimum, especially in the current climate. We often share our devices with our children to keep them occupied, at home, restaurant outings, doctors surgeries and more recently for home schooling. Children not only share devices with family members but also with each other. 

“We touch more surfaces than any generation in history, from ATM machines to self-checkout counters,” advises Dr Charles Gerba, a professor of microbiology at University of Arizona. “So, you’re picking up germs all the time on your hands and fingers, putting them on your cellphone and bringing them close to your nose, mouth or eyes.”

Recent advise to help fight the spread of infection, is that we should wash our hands in excess of over six times per day, to maintain our health. But imagine having to clean our devices too?

“Our studies show us that viruses can survive on plastic or metal surfaces for up to 2 or 3 days,” said Dr. Doo-Ryeon Chung, Director of Center for Infection Prevention and Control at Samsung Medical Center. “In order to use your smartphone safely, it is imperative that you keep your device clean.”

Conventional disinfectants are effective only for a short period. Micro-organisms are only killed during application of disinfectant, but after that, when the disinfectant has evaporated, the treated area is once again subjected to microbes. This creates what is commonly known as the hygiene gap, where re-contamination occurs between applications of conventional disinfectants.

This where LiquidNano™ Steri-Wipe® comes in, fighting the hygiene gap!

LiquidNano™ Steri-Wipe® works differently – depositing a super thin layer of anti-pathogenic at nanoscale using  SiO2 (Silicon dioxide) liquid glass onto the surface. Even after drying, this active layer will continue to kill pathogens and deadly microbes, preventing re-contamination for up to 10 days.**

Steri-Wipe® contains Isopropanol which is alcohol based, this is widely used in hospitals, microbiological laboratories, pharmaceutical industry, as well as electronic and medical device manufacturing laboratories and is an effective antimicrobial against bacteria, fungi, and viruses. 

LiquidNano™ Steri-Wipe®  has been tested and proven as EFFECTIVE AGAINST 181+ Bacteria including HIV, Ebola, Influenza.

The LiquidNano™ technology enables a user to deposit a nanoscale layer of molecular, particle free glass, onto any glass surface.

Although commercial disinfectants available on the market provide effective short term protection, they may have solutions that can damage the coating layer over your smartphone’s display. Antibacterial wipes available can also be abrasive and damage phone touch screens. LiquidNano™ Steri-Wipe® has a non-invasive application, providing long term protection (up to 10 days) which improves in performance with every application.

LiquidNano™ Steri-Wipe® make keeping your devices clean, easy and give you complete peace of mind in times of uncertainty, by providing the ultimate mobile device protection keeping your families devices free from re-contamination.

With just ONE wipe with Steri-Wipe® can protect your device from recontamination against over 181+ Bacteria and Viruses including HIV, Ebola, Influenza for up to 10 days!