We can work together

Rebbeca Walker July 21, 2020 0 comments

LiquidNano™ are looking for networking partners to help promote our products. Our products are revolutionizing device and windscreen protection with leading-edge disruptive nanotechnologies. LiquidNano™ means everyone can enjoy their devices and everyday products as they are designed to be, with the added reassurance that should the worst happen, we’ve got them covered. 

If you have great social media channels which are very active with high engagement, please get in touch so we can work in partnership together.

The product that we would initially like to get into the public domain is Steri-Wipe®. Eco-friendly and toxic-free, Steri-Wipe® acts like the mobile ‘hand-wash’ for your mobile device. It’s simple to use with guaranteed long-term protection and will protect your device from over 180+ bacteria and viruses. 

Steri-Wipe® is trusted by hospitals and will keep your device germ-free until your next application, uniquely protecting your device during the “hygiene gap” between applications.

If you wish to take us up on this offer, we are offering you a personalized code to share with your followers/subscribers where they will each get a percentage off their purchases. Alongside this, you will also earn a percentage per sale which will be tracked by the promo code and paid out to you every 30 days and of course, complimentary Steri-Wipe® and our other products for you to use yourself.

If you would like to protect your friends and family with the ultimate device protection, covering the ‘Hygiene-Gap’ for up to 10 days with our re-contamination prevention and also receive an income, please get in touch with